145.5cm 152cm 154cm 155cm Wide 156cm 157cm Wide 158cm
Contact Length (mm) 898 931 943 953 963 973 983
Effective Edge (mm) 1078 1123 1143 1155 1163 1173 1182.7
Nose Width (mm) 277 291 294 304 297 307 301
Waist Width (mm) 239 252 254 262 256 265 259
Tail Width (mm) 277 291 294 304 297 307 301
Sidecut Radius (mm) 7500 7850 7950 8000 8050 8050 8150
Taper (mm) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Stance Width (Inch) 17-23 18-24 18-24 18-24 18-24 18-24 18-24
Setback (inches) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rider Weight (lbs) 80-110 120-170 140-190 150-200 150-200 180-230 160-210
Rider Weight (kgs) 36-50 54-77 65-85 68-90 68-90 81-104 72-95

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Versatile Board

New England boarder here. Great board for pretty much anything- icy days, fresh snow, hill bombs and side hits. I was most impressed with how the board pops on small jumps. Great purchase!

Definitely a True Pioneer of all Boards

I was looking for an all in one and this is the go-to board! It has the perfect amount of flex, not too stiff or soft. It’s playful yet stable, I cruise down the mountain with ease and no chatter. Can't wait to test it out on the pow. The best part is the clean designs and color contrast put into it. Endeavor keep up the good work.

Another big man review

This board has POP! Super playful in all sorts of snow, quick edge to edge, stable when the gas is on, and very easy to control in the air. Fast, and LOOSE!

This board will do you well all over the mountain, even in deep snow. Has great float and has the energy to boost any and all side hits.

I’m 6’2” 240 lbs and riding a 157W with 11.5 k2 Maysis boots, no drag and no doubt this board is on my short list for most fun boards I’ve been on.

Really happy

With my choice. Couldn't decide between this and the BOD. I'm an old intermediate rider getting back in the game and this board rides like nothing I've been on. After one run I felt completely comfortable and in complete control. I LOVE the camber profile. And these bases glide forever! Can't wait to get back out. I want to see what the pop is all about. For reference I'm 6'0 230lbs riding the 157W. I don't boot out with 11.5 imperials either.

Defies laws of physics

This board is not stiff at all. I’d say 4-5/10. The tip and tail could be the most buttery tip and tail I’ve ridden, but somehow this board will still give you AMAZING spring out fo a press. Holds it’s own in the powder and groomers. But really shines in the park. I just can’t believe how much spring this board has.