We are lucky to be based on one of the most incredible cities in the world - Vancouver, Canada - with the North Shore mountains and Whistler as our backyard. The United Series brings this together in a series of snowboards inspired by our surroundings.

The Pioneer leads the way forward, taking design cues from the New Formalist architecture style Gerald Hamilton used for the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre. This iconic institution in Vancouver with the North Shore mountains as a backdrop lead us to these modernist graphics.

The High 5 takes inspiration from our weekend pilgrimage from Vancouver to Whistler on Highway 99. Better known as the Sea to Sky Highway this windy and often treacherous route is depicted on a subtle topographical map outlining the exact route from the Endeavor HQ to the village gondola, with GPS coordinates to ensure accuracy.

The Clout sees a graphic representation of the Vancouver skyline, juxtaposed with the North Shore mountain skyline. A clean reflection of where we call home, this graphic is subtle yet powerful as a result of matte UV with glossy epoxy ink printing.


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