Winter 19/20

September 03, 2019 2 min read

We were founded out of a desire to do things differently. Focusing on the rider, on design and creating snowboards with enduring value.

Winter 19/20 is a pivotal moment in our history. We challenge the status quo and step outside of snowboarding to gain inspiration for our new collection.

We reject conformity through a collection with no age and no gender, which remains an industry first, and we celebrate the creative process through collaboration with local artists and designers.

19/20 bridges gaps, breaks boundaries and redefines the Endeavor product architecture. Come discover it.

Foundation Series

3,000km North of our design HQ sits the Arctic Circle. A place that’s home to rugged landscapes and remote people. Survival in this unique region requires something special.

The Foundation Series draws its inspiration from military aviation and the planes that patrol this area. Complex instrument panels, exterior camouflage, aeronautical mapping and radar imaging, these planes blend utilitarian function with considered design.

We emulate this with three distinct graphics that blend screen printing processes with metallic inks and matte/gloss elements.

Endeavor United Series

Collaboration is in our DNA. Working with others to create something and of value is a rewarding task.

Those who take risks ultimately get the greatest reward. We stepped outside of our normal surroundings to find a new perspective, to take a new approach to graphics that embody what we stand for and what we desire.

We collaborated with Vancouver architects Battersby Howatt and artist Brent Comber for two boards that can be appreciated for more than what they are, further blurring the line between snowboarding, art and design.

We step further into the unknown with the new Alpha. Infatuated with the Italian supercar showrooms we pass on a daily basis we draw upon their styling and shape to create a board unlike any other.  

Endeavor Powder Quiver Collection

Le Mans, Targa Florio, Sebring and the Nurburgring. These places share something special. All have played host to some of the world’s greatest automotive icons.

Much like these places, the Powder Quiver too shares something special. Four unique personalities that all pay homage to these automotive icons in their own way. Four different freeride experiences with a single shared philosophy.

19/20 is going to be something special...