Foundation Series

September 24, 2019 3 min read

Foundation Series

The Foundation Series is the bedrock of the Endeavor collection. Three experience driven boards that all feature our unique approach to design, development and visuals.

For this season we wanted our graphics to speak for these utilitarian, functional boards so we looked to the North, 3,000km from our HQ. That’s where the Arctic Circle starts. Where rugged landscapes rise from the earth to challenge even the most daring. Survival in this unique region requires something special, something considered. Taking cues from military aviation and the planes that patrol this region results in three distinct graphics with a shared philosophy.

The Ranger

The Ranger is the embodiment our freestyle background and has been designed from the ground up for riders who live for hit runs and park laps. Camber between the feet gives way to an early rise tip and tail, fully utilizing the stability and power offered by traditional camber whilst maximizing playfulness. A mid flex at the waist transitioning into a softer nose and tail preloads pop and takes the effort out of presses. And a more generous waist width and blunted shape accommodates larger and more aggressive riders on smaller boards, increasing the spinnability off any feature.

For the Ranger we took inspiration from aviation camo patterns to design a unique print accented with metallic inks and overlaid with gloss hits mimicking instrumentation panels. The result is a striking modern interpretation of a utilitarian design.

The Live

The Live was introduced to the Endeavor product architecture in our very first year of production. Since then it has gone through very few changes, after all, why change perfection? It is the epitome of the classic snowboard shape designed for riders who value a timeless and responsive ride. Full traditional camber, a directional shape and a mid-flex ensure response you can rely on and a liveliness that cannot be replicated. For this season we have added carbon beams that extend from the contact points towards the Channel for added precision.

Radar imaging is a key component in navigation. Without a clear sight the risks are high. It was only natural then that the all-terrain Live drew upon this. The result is a striking, segmented graphic that blends gloss and matte elements into a graphic with real depth.


The BOD is our vision of the perfect daily driver. A single board for riders who tackle the entire mountain and don’t compromise on performance. With an award winning design it retains its position as our most popular board and for good reason. A 3D camber profile blends the precision of camber with the versatility and ease of raised contact points. Carbon tip and tail beams have now been added for a livelier and more exhilarating ride. From solid hardpack to chest deep powder, the BOD’s ultimate blend of shape, flex and construction ensure it’s a winner, time and time again.

The BOD combines aerial reconnaissance imagery of the Canadian Air Force’s Arctic control area with ground to air emergency code elements to produce a layered, impactful visual.

The entire Foundation collection includes our urethane infused Smoothride Sidewall technology to provide the smoothest ride and the Channel mounting for infinite stance options and on the fly adjustment.