2020 B.O.D.

October 25, 2019 2 min read

The B.O.D. maintains its position as the best selling board in the Foundation series for another season. A continual winner on test, the incredibly versatile design allows you to take on the entire mountain from groomers to powder stashes.

When we introduced the first B.O.D. way back in 2002 (how many other brands can say they've had a model that's endured as long!) we knew it was going to be a huge success. An instant hit with the entire team, the B.O.D. has kept the same philosophy since: all terrain versatility, simple, effective technology and easy to ride everywhere.

For 2020 we've kept the formula the same.

It all starts with our 3D camber profile. With traditional camber between the feet the BOD offers a stable and responsive ride when hitting the groomers. Move out to the nose and tail and 3D profiled contact points give a looser feeling that makes powder riding effortless and park riding a dream.

Of course it's under the hood that the real magic works. Tri-axial fibreglass and a full Poplar wood core have been tailored to the perfect torsional flex. Soft enough to drive it from the tail but stiff enough to dig trenches. We've also added dual carbon beams to the nose and tail to improve rebound and liveliness. Hold a press now and you can feel the energy load up. Release it and the rebound is incredible. 

Our Smoothride Urethane Sidewall reduces energy draining chatter allowing you to ride harder and longer. You'll leave your friends in the dust when hitting chopped up crud and crusty ice.

Smoothride acts like the wheels on a skateboard by absorbing and dissipating more energy than traditional ABS sidewalls.

Check out the full product specs and buy it online below. Or continue down to check out what other people have been saying about the 2020 B.O.D.


The Good Ride

"...if you want a camber board in your quiver that doesn’t catch like camber...or if you are the kind of rider that just rips the deep stuff with a camber twin then you will really appreciate this board."

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A great option for anyone looking for a do-it-all board

Snowboarding Profiles

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This board is one of the best I have ever got a chance to ride.

Perfect for “everything”.

Rick - Customer Review

Plenty of pop, holds a nice edge even in some icy conditions, and cruises through powder with ease. Highly recommend it

Nick - Customer Review