The channel is snowboarding's ultimate connection. It offers the fastest and easiest way to mount bindings with nearly infinite stance options, as well as allowing the board to fully and naturally flex. It is compatible with all major binding companies, so why settle for anything less? 

 “Burton’s hardgoods crew has been working with Endeavor for a few years now to help them implement The Channel™ on select board models,” said John Lacy, Chief Product Officer. “Now, our licensing agreement makes it official, and we look forward to working with more snowboard companies down the road to share our industry-leading R&D and best practices for building The Channel™. Ultimately, having the industry work together on a universal mounting system is best for riders because it will give them more high-quality options when it comes to choosing a set-up. So we’re stoked to see Endeavor launch The Channel™ on all their board models for 2015/2016.”