Resort: Arapahoe Basin

Conditions: Sunny bluebird skies, firm fast snow, and a little wind. Perfect spring conditions. 

Flex: A slightly softer than middle of the road flex is what makes up this board. It’s got play in the tips, stiffer under foot, and then softer in the middle again. The torsional flex is highly abundant. 

Stability: It’s a very lively board which doesn’t make it damp. You will feel vibrations in the snow, you will feel variations in terrain, basically this board will make you feel. Getting into frozen chunder the tips get bucked around at high speeds. 

Ollies: This board did have some serious snap though. You could really load it up and boost to the moon if you wanted. It was playful yet precise when initiating it. 

Pop On Jumps: The lip of the jump and this boards flex/camber profile are good friends. It’s got enough boost to send you to the knuckle or sweet spot and yet still has that easy to initiate pop you want where you don’t have to concentrate on if it’s loaded up or not. 

Butterability: The tips are playful and really let you bend it any which way you want when you’re buttering. The sweet spot for presses is decently sized and allows for you to lock in and still get snap out when needed.

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