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The Top 5 All Mountain Freestyle Snowboards For 2017

Have you ever wondered what makes a snowboard an “all mountain freestyle” deck? As if there’s some magical quantifiable idea that sets it apart from say a park, powder, jib or freeride deck? Well the news is there really isn’t, it’s a broad term to give to boards that are versatile at any and all terrain.

2017 was much like any other year we’ve ridden and reviewed boards. I personally rode more boards than any person ever should and because of that I’m able to make lists like this one that showcase the top boards that fit this specific category we call All Mountain Freestyle.

The Endeavor High Five – Possibly the most Canadian brand we’ve ever reviewed and one of the best. Endeavor has made leaps and bounds to integrate technology into their decks, some of it borrowed from others, and some of it their own. They’ve also done a great job of breaking their price points and tech done so it’s easily understood. The High Five is a board that everyone could ride and have a fun day on. This is why I chose it as a top pick.

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