The boys over at did a little write up on the Archetype Lab.

Article by Andy Malton

Endeavor Snowboards were born back in 2002 when legendary photographer Scott Serfas and pro rider Max Jenke joined forces. Based out of Vancouver, BC where the nearby Coast Mountains provide a vast and inspirational testing ground, Endeavor produce a tight range of decks that are renowned for offering all terrain versatility combined with a high build quality.

Although Endeavor manufacture their snowboards outside Canada, they have the facility to design and produce prototypes in a bespoke R&D lab in Vancouver itself. This is the Archetype Lab. Archetype is a concept that allows Endeavor to try new shapes, materials and constructions before production.

The vertical design philosophy breeds and encourages an unhindered creative approach by minimizing the time between the initial creation of an idea, to the actual testing of that idea. Sketch a concept / sleep on it / build it next morning / ride Whister mountain in the afternoon. No emailing foreign factories, no waiting for samples. Archetype decks are on the snow within hours. As Endeavor also have exactly the same materials to hand in the Archetype Lab as their production factories do, it also means that anyone who rides an Endeavor production board should know that it didn’t just go from computer program to factory to snow but has been sampled and tested by Endeavor and their team first.

Unsurprisingly some pretty special one-off snowboards come out of the Archetype Lab. At ISPO this past winter a rather beautiful looking powder board caught the eye of many who visited the Endeavor stand. TheGemsstock got in touch with Endeavor brand manager Rob Dow for the low down. It turns out this deck is an experimental board that Rob made recently using a zebra wood veneer top, along with Canadian Aspen for the core. The distinctive Carbon section in the tail makes it a pretty stiff board to ride but I imagine it holds an edge really well. It looks like the kind of board that would be awesome to ride on deep, big mountain lines in BC or Alaska.

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