For most people, snowboarding is a hobby at best, but for some, it’s life. Endeavor co-founder and Wildcat for life Max Jenke is one of the people who’s been able to successfully turn a pro snowboard career into a job that doesn’t require death-defying stunts, and still keeps him involved in all things snowboarding. In a world where times are tough, it’s easy to be negative, but Max will have nothing of it, so I decided to catch up with him about growing up, moving forward and making your dreams come true.

Brooke: First off, I assume many of the Yobeat readers may have no idea who you are. So, you wanna give me a little synopsis of what your background is? 

Max: Well, I guess you could say that I was a pro snowboarder and I came up as the youngest in the Wildcats crew. I came up under Rob Dow and because he rode for Option Snowboards and I kinda just ended up tagging along with them on lots of trips. It was kinda weird, especially for my parents, me hanging out with someone that much older. I guess he was like 19 when I first met him and that would have put me at like 12. A 19 year old hanging out with a 12 year old is just fuckin’ random.

Brooke: That’s snowboarding. I feel like that stuff happens. It’s ageless.

Max: It is, you’re right. Because I came up under Rob I got to snowboard with people like Devun (Walsh) and the Wildcats crew – which was at one point something, something pretty cool, at least in Canada and in Canadian snowboarding.

Brooke: Yeah it was a big deal in snowboarding. Can you explain what the Wildcats were about?

Max: Yeah. We all came up with the name on a trip to New Zealand, when it was basically just a crew of friends that traveled together. We did this crazy big trip and there were nine of us, and it kind of just sparked this thing that it was really fun to travel together and film and kind of just create snowboarding the way we thought it should be. I mean Devun was filming with Mack Dawg and the Forum thing was happening and that was all super cool and really progressive, but also really serious, so I think it was kind of like a way for everyone just to, you know, do something super fun and really relaxed. It was kind of just at a time when everyone was just into partying and filming and just being a bunch of boys.

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