VANCOUVER — Despite an off-the-beaten-path location, the jovial JJ Bean morning crew boasts that their historic neighbourhood is one of the most creative and industrial hubs in Vancouver.

Two tourists, after enjoying coffee and baked goods at the dark grey café in north Strathcona — nicknamed Railtown by those who work there — dash across the street to inspect and then snap several pictures of a wild wall mural done three years ago by Australian artist Dave (Meggs) Hooke.

Unbeknownst to them, there is a “board meeting” inside the decorated building at 439 Railway St. where equally impressive things are being designed and prototyped.

At the centre of this enthusiastic chatter is 35-year-old Max Jenke, sprinkling such words as pow, camber, hits, rails and hyped into the mix.

“Doing what I love today and everyday,” beams the Kitsilano-born and -raised co-owner of Endeavor Snowboards after the huddle ends. “No matter how many issues we have to deal with at our meetings, we still get to play with snowboards all day. That’s pretty rad.”

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