During the week of July 14th - 18th we opened our offices with a pop-up Cafe for charity and www.cafeyvr.com stopped by. Here is what they had to say.

Photo credits and full article from www.cafeyvr.com

Endeavor Snowboards is nearing the end of their one week run operating a pop-up cafe inside their Railtown offices. The company is raising funds for the Aprons for Gloves non-profit that has been using the sport of boxing to reach at-risk youth living in the Downtown Eastside.

Since there are some big coffee fans in the office, Endeavor has always had their own espresso machine to have a morning coffee. And they also happened to be good friends with the founder of Portland's Heart Coffee Roasters Wille Yli-Luoma who was happy to help the fundraising effort. Willie previously competed as a pro rider along with one of Endeavor's founders Max Jenke.

The pop-up cafe is using Heart's Stereo Seasonal Blend and prepared on their Nuova Simonelli MAC 2000. And with a few Kiwis on staff at Endeavor the coffee menu paid homage to their favourite New Zealand cafes with flat whites and long blacks on the menu (they also have lattes and espressos).

Endeavor has a worldwide distribution network and they design, manufacture and market their two snowboarding brands Endeavor Snowboards and Airhole Facemasks along with the North American license for Swedish outerwear and lifestyle brand Colour Wear. Their building also houses their R&D facility Archetype Lab is located in the basement. The lab contains all the equipment required by Endeavor's design team to create ridable one-off prototypes snowboards.

And there's some local mountain history located next to the entrance into the lab with an old chairlift from Mount Seymour mounted in front of a wall mural of some snow capped trees. The chairs were sold off when the mountain installed a new quad-seat lift in 2012.