We won 2 Awards with SBC Grade EH

Full Story Here on SBCFor the people, by the people: We’re snowboarders (duh), we love this shit as much as you do. So we get it, boards ain’t cheap but they’re worth every penny, and all we want is a board that fits, rips, and is ready to be involved in a long-lasting (highly physical) relationship. We worked (Read: went boardin’) for a week straight, breaking down every characteristic of these bad-boys to present you 10 boards in each category of park/jib, all-mountain freestyle and women’s, we’d be proud to stand atop of.

One board to rule them all: We tested 90 boards, just a small sampling of what’s in the market. It’s important to note that we only tested one model in one size from each brand, in each category. So, just because you don’t see the Jimmy “The Jibber” James Pro model you’ve heard is all the rage, don’t be discouraged, there’s a good chance we didn’t ride that one. We’re certain most brands will make a board that’s perfect for you. Our tests aim to give you an un-biased opinion only for the models we were able to ride (hopefully reinforcing your purchasing decisions). Don’t just take our word for it, do your own research.

Some methods and madness: Pop it, butter it, carve it, slide it, press it, point it, send it, bury it, then slash it until it fills your face with snow. We put all these boards through everything a mountain could throw in your path. Don’t doubt that these boards can handle your style.

The team: Our testers are snowboarders. They are board designers and coaches, they are sponsored riders working on video parts, they are park-sharks and 100-day locals, industry reps and shop-sponsored underage minors. They come from varied backgrounds and experiences but the common thread they all posses: they’re passionate snowboarders who have been riding longer than they haven’t.

Testing ground: Our motivation for holding Grade Eh Board Awards is our unique Canadian environment. Sun Peaks Resort gave us every terrain need to thoroughly test a board. Knee-deep pow, leg burning hit-runs, hard-fast groomers, tree slalom glades, and a park that’ll let you style a front-board or send that double-cork.





Grade EH Board Awards: Behind The Scenes