Max Jenke Takes 25k as BDC Young Entrepreneur Runner Up Max Jenke was recently in the running for the BDC Young Entrepreneur Competition hosted by the Business Development Bank of Canada. The contest is designed to honor remarkable young Canadian entrepreneurs with growing businesses. Jenke entered the contest, which was awarded based on online voting and had a grand prize of $100, 000, showcasing his work with Endeavor, Airhole, and Colour Wear, and implemented a serious social media push to get fans to vote for him. When all was said and done, Jenke came away in a strong second earning $25,000 for his efforts and his brands. We caught up with Jenke to learn more about how they’ll be using this money as well as his social media strategy for taking home the prize. You were pushing this contest everywhere with some great social media pushes. Tell us about some of the things you did to promote the BDC contest?

It was definitely a crash course in social media. We were going hard on three fronts; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It was interesting to see how different images and text went viral – something we will be using in our future campaigns. Coming up with 20 days of pushing hard was definitely challenging, especially feeling like we were spamming everyone.

You said if you won you’d use the money to increase distribution in the U.S. – what are your plans for the near term for this cash?

We’re still focussed on the U.S. market. With the BDC’s help, we have $25,000 of consulting that we will use to review our strategy and hopefully get some ideas from an outsider’s perspective. It’s always interesting to see what the business world thinks of our industry – it usually comes as a shock to them that we work on such a crazy buy/sell cycle and face the seasonal and snow-dependant challenges that we have every single year.

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