ENDEAVOR BOARD OF DIRECTORS REVIEW Posted by Geeks of Shred! on January 19, 2013 · Leave a Comment

Endeavor Snowboards is a Canadian company that has caught our interest over the past few years. Their attention to detail and focus on pushing the envelope in both board design and aesthetics drew us in. The founders are deeply seated in snowboarding’s roots. We’d never seen one in person but everything we’d heard about the brand and seen online resonated with us. When we finally had the opportunity to test one, we chose the Board of Directors. The B.O.D. is Endeavor’s flagship deck, which, as we understand it, is the board the company’s founders designed for themselves to ride. With a 158 for Carlos and a 155 for Hanna we set out to see what heavy hitters like Max Jenke and Scott Serfas shred on. Who liked it more? Read on to find out.

Carlos’ Experience: The Endeavor BOD is a freeride monster. It can handle anything you throw at it in a natural environment. I enjoyed this board and it would be my weapon of choice to ride fresh snow. Its no surprise that the higher ups at Endeavor favor this deck specially with all the natural terrain BC has to offer. My personal riding style tends to want a loose buttery feel, so at times, I felt I was not able change direction when I wanted to…specifically on ice. It was also a bit less forgiving with my mistakes. I attribute this to the board’s torsional stiffness.

Hanna’s Experience: Love it! This is the most stable alternative camber deck I’ve ridden so far. It took me a day to get used to it but once I did I felt rewarded with a platform I could charge on anywhere on the mountain in any snow conditions. I found myself riding fast…like ditching my friends fast, all the time. Big ollies over rollers and cat tracks were rewarded with the security of a stable landing every time. I also liked that the board’s rocker profile let it ride totally neutral and flat based but the shape and stiffness let me dial in as much or little edge angle as I wanted without the board hooking up on me. This certainly wasn’t an ideal butter or jib board for me; setting up for park features I would prefer something softer (read forgiving) but I loved it everywhere else. The B.O.D. will take everything you throw at it and ask for more.

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