Endeavor Snowboard Design colab with Red Bull for aspiring artists / designers to get their work made into a one off snowboard top sheet graphic. It has taken a little long to get these boards to the designers but the winners finally came by to grab their prizes. Hand made in the Archetype Lab at Endeavor snowboard offices.

photo 3.JPG

The tour took a quick minute to look at Scott Serfas always growing snowboard collection. 



Endeavor Snowboards Pop-Up Cafe

During the week of July 14th - 18th we opened our offices with a pop-up Cafe for charity and stopped by. Here is what they had to say.

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Endeavor Snowboards is nearing the end of their one week run operating a pop-up cafe inside their Railtown offices. The company is raising funds for the Aprons for Gloves non-profit that has been using the sport of boxing to reach at-risk youth living in the Downtown Eastside.

Since there are some big coffee fans in the office, Endeavor has always had their own espresso machine to have a morning coffee. And they also happened to be good friends with the founder of Portland's Heart Coffee Roasters Wille Yli-Luoma who was happy to help the fundraising effort. Willie previously competed as a pro rider along with one of Endeavor's founders Max Jenke.

The pop-up cafe is using Heart's Stereo Seasonal Blend and prepared on their Nuova Simonelli MAC 2000. And with a few Kiwis on staff at Endeavor the coffee menu paid homage to their favourite New Zealand cafes with flat whites and long blacks on the menu (they also have lattes and espressos).

Endeavor has a worldwide distribution network and they design, manufacture and market their two snowboarding brands Endeavor Snowboards and Airhole Facemasks along with the North American license for Swedish outerwear and lifestyle brand Colour Wear. Their building also houses their R&D facility Archetype Lab is located in the basement. The lab contains all the equipment required by Endeavor's design team to create ridable one-off prototypes snowboards.

And there's some local mountain history located next to the entrance into the lab with an old chairlift from Mount Seymour mounted in front of a wall mural of some snow capped trees. The chairs were sold off when the mountain installed a new quad-seat lift in 2012.



The Manboys: Fish Tacos

The Manboys head out to the Canadian Rockies in late spring, RV-style, just to see what the big horn sheep are up to this time of year.  Instead, they accidentally find themselves riding 2 feet of winter-grade powder and also dirt bikes.  But not at the same time.

Check out more here.



Cam Pierce and 686 rip up Woodward Tahoe

What happens when you film Forest Bailey, Ryan Tarbell, Riley Nickerson, Cam Pierce, Pat McCarthy, and friends. You get this edit of course. The 686 boys arrived in beautiful Lake Tahoe in northern California with the mission of shredding the heck out of Woodward Tahoe. And that’s just what they did. Peep the edit. It’s short and sweet so give it a watch.



2015 Website is here

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 3.26.19 PM.png

As you can see, we have launched our new website. 
A clearer layout for better ease of use.

All the 2015 boards are online and more content to come. 

We are excited to be launching the Endeavor online Store here.

As you navigate the new site, please keep in mind that it will continue to evolve.

Please take a look around.



Park Shark: Trint Thomas

A remix of the various park and post season footage Trint got this season. Filmed mostly at Grouse Mountain. Few shots from Mt. St. Bruno and some post season Seymour.

@Trint_Thomas @nomis_outerwear @endeavorsnowboards @skullcandy @boyswhoboardwell

Filmed by: Dave Walcer, Marcus Cartwright, Sascha Daley, Marc-Olivier Mob Brunet

Shot at Grouse Mountain "Grouse Park" and Mount Seymour post season.



The ManBoys official teaser

The ManBoys are a mostly sublunar group of friends based out of Whistler, who love to snowboard and have important meetings. Sometimes, at these meetings, there are lots of crepes. They are currently working on a web series (The ManBoys, not the crepes) in partnership with TransWorld Snowboarding, that will hopefully get just as many views as that popular Golden Girls: Where Are They Now? video. The Manboys are Mark Sollors, Rusty Ockenden, Jody Wachniak, Robjn Taylor, Matt Belzile, and Chris Rasman.

Bookmark your browsers because their new web series starts in earnest late June, right here on



European Vacation - Tignes, France

Late March and the some of the UK, German and Dutch Dragon European team made their way to Tignes for a week of slush busting fun, cringy photo shoots and general boarder bonding...

Bro-downs and less than generous conditions aside, the UK team must make up one of the finest in the land with Will, Ollie and Andy keeping all bases loaded, whilst new kid on the block Max De Vries (15) somehow learnt 10s in the Dutch indoor halls. Christoph Scwaz (GER) and Lukas Ellensohn (AUT) team up and round it off with style and technicality as the team took on Tignes, we'll call it draw and come back for more. Thanking the team, Dragon Lodge, McNair Snowsports, Val Heli Skiing and Jamie Durhum for their efforts in Tignes, France.



TFA Spring Break in Laax

"Des is, wo der Hund beginnt, in der Pfanne zu tanzen." "This is where the dog starts dancing in the pan". (Ethan Morgan, Pleasure Spring Session Laax, 2014) The boys had a great time, snowboarding is so much fun :) Mario finally overcame his railphobia, yeyy. We shit on colour correction, if u drink enough, u'll not notice anyways. Filmed and edited by Daniel Diedrich Thanks to Snowpark Laax, Lukas "Blume" Rösli and Mathias Wittwer for the additional footage.



The Brighton Perspective- Cam Pierce

Cam Pierce has been riding Brighton for a long time. He knows every spot and every transition and rides with a powerful, irrefutable style. So giving Cam the opportunity to shoot at Brighton for a whole month was a no brainer. And coincidentally the park has been on point and firing. This outta be pretty good.

Mia Lambson who shoots all of The Brighton Perspective video parts had this to say about Cam, “throw some Beer, hip hop, Tinder, a few bad jokes and snowboarding into a proverbial blender, and pour yourself a tall glass of Cam Pierce. Spending just a few moments with this Justin-Timberlake-looking rascal, it’s clear that he’s all about a good time. When there’s work to be done, however, a switch is flipped and you can watch Cam’s rowdy energy being channeled into laying down some seriously ballsy maneuvers. Weather you’re laughing on the chairlift, or watching him snowboard, Cam knows how to get people stoked.”

For your chance to win Cam’s kit, click here!

Full Article at YOBEAT



TFA helishoot in Mayrhofen

Flo Corzelius and the crew head up to Mayrhofen

Esan, F, and Simmi came together to celebrate Mario's railcomeback. Heli provided by: Notobo Aerial.Inc Filmed with: RED EPIC



Andy Nudds Wins Frostgun Invitational

Good and bad news from this weekend for rail-slayer and British favourite Andy Nudds; he took part in the Frostgun Invitational in Val d’Isere, one of the the first snowboarders to do so at this traditionally ski-only event.

He absolutely slayed it in the rail jam event called ‘Street Fighter’ (awesome name) as the video above shows, taking first place complete with his trademark careless steeze.

He then went on the compete in the big air event on what can only be described as a behemoth of a kicker. He came up very short as you can see below, blowing out his ACL in the process.

Luckily he’d apparently already put down enough on his first two runs to bag himself third place, and he did avoid the ‘chasm of death’ so it wasn’t all bad. The good news is that hopefully he won’t be out of snowboarding for very long. We’re stoked for you Andy and can’t wait to see you ripping again!

Read Full Article here at Whitelines




Transworld - One last look at 2014/15 snowboard gear from the SIA show in Denver, Colorado. Sandbox helmets and goggles, Owner Operator outerwear, Celsius boots, Smokin boards, Nitro Snowboards goods, I N I Cooperative outerwear, Spark R&D splitboard gear, Bern helmets, Ashbury goggles, Colour Wear outerwear, Airhole facemasks, Endeavor snowboards, Rome Snowboards gear and Stepchild snowboards. BenGavelda_TransWorld_SIA2014-112

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ISPO MUNICH 2014_jf_2490

VANCOUVER, BC January 24, 2014 – Endeavor Snowboards’ new performance innovation Seamless Sidewall Technology has been awarded the Gold ISPO Award in the Action Segment for Materials and Construction. ISPO honors the most exceptional sporting goods with the ISPO Award, the quality seal of the sports industry.

Developed in Vancouver at Endeavor’s snowboard lab, Seamless Sidewall Technology utilizes an elastomer material to surround the perimeter of the snowboard, creating a seamlessly fused sidewall. The result is a high performance snowboard that is extremely durable.

“Unlike many technological advances, Endeavor’s Seamless Sidewall Technology remains relatively well hidden from sight. But just because you can’t see it, doesn’t make it any less radical or game changing” commented ISPO Jury member Jeremy Sladen, Snowboard Operations Manager of The Snowboard Asylum. “This advanced construction technique replaces the standard multi-part sidewall with a seamless sidewall along the whole outside edge of the board; this not only increases durability but also helps to create a better riding snowboard. The fact that this innovation came not from one of snowboarding’s big players, but from one of the smaller and less well-known brands, proves that there is still innovation and progression going on out there; it just takes someone with a fresh concept to challenge what we have taken for the status quo.”

"We have changed the game completely with this innovation" says Endeavor co-founder Max Jenke. "The new Endeavor boards ride noticeably smoother than traditional constructions and they are extremely durable. We are very excited to launch this technology into every model for the 2014/15 season collection and are pleased that ISPO recognized this innovation."

ISPO is the largest and most recognized action sports and outdoor trade show in the world. The ISPO jury, consisting of independent sports business professionals, evaluated 418 entries following clearly defined criteria. This premium selection serves as a reference for retailers when choosing their upcoming product range and to end-consumers it is seen as an important purchase argument.

Endeavor’s Seamless Sidewall Technology will be on display at the ISPO Tradeshow Booth 317 and SIA trade Show Booth 365.


photo 2


Endeavor Snowboards is a Canadian snowboard company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was founded in 2002 by pro rider Max Jenke and Transworld Magazine staff photographer Scott Serfas with the mission of raising the standard of what snowboarding should be so that you can have that perfect eXperience. Canadian, pure and simple. Crafted for the eXperience. Always Endeavor.