FAQ: Where can i find a Endeavor Design Snowboards or Softgoods?

We sell our products all over the world. Endeavor sells to only the best Authorized specailty shops. The best place to start is looking on our dealers page. Go to dealers page.

FAQ: Can I ride an Endeavor out of the bag?

Yes, our boards come pre-waxed, but it is a good idea to detune the edges and give it a fresh after a few days just to keep that board ready to ride.

FAQ: Do I need to reqister my board for any warranty claims?

No. If you have a warranty claim then you will need proof of purchase from an Endeavor dealer. If you have a warranty claim please read the warranty instructions. 

FAQ: I want to be sponsored by Endeavor. How can I do this?

Sponsorship is usually a gradual process and is done on a referral basis. Here are some simple steps that usually happen before we take on a new team rider:

1) Obtain a shop sponsorship by your local snowboard shop.

2) Meet the Endeavor rep and go riding with them. If you impress them, they will put you on a flow program to see how you progress.

3) Once on rep flow, you will come on our radar, as our reps let us know who they have on the program. Win contests, get video footage in movies, get photos published in magazines.

4) The next level up from rep flow is factory. This is when you work directly with us and we help push your riding to the next level by giving you opportunities to shoot with staff photographer Scott Serfas.

5) You make the pro team when you have accomplished some major goals – contest wins, magazine coverage and interviews, video parts.

However, we always love checking out your videos. Load them on to YouTube or Vimeo and email us the links to check out. Email to info@endeavorsnowboards.com

FAQ: Submitting Graphic Ideas?

Endeavor prides itself on the artwork we use on our boards and are always looking for a new artist to add to our crew. Please email your concepts to info@endeavorsnowboards.com