The Archetype Snowboard Lab by Endeavor Snowboards is our commitment to innovation. A truly unique R&D facility, Archetype’s mandate is to inspire new ideas and give us the capabilities to make, test, and validate new innovation in snowboard technologies. The future of Endeavor lies within the lab.

In any production setting, it is extremely difficult and costly to do R&D. Endeavor has taken it out of the factory setting and put it in a creative setting, where it belongs. An idea can be discussed Monday morning and and a prototype could be ridden later that night at the local hills. We have two types of materials – materials that are exactly the same as our factory overseas so we can duplicate a board exactly, and Archetype lab materials, which are for testing and for high end production only. Most of the machines have been created from scratch which is key, as we have built in extreme adjustability and flexibility – whether it is camber, nose/tail shape, etc.